Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I glared up at the sky held so high,

That waved back with an escape of sigh

I searched for the mystical maiden moon,

That sunk into a sub-aqueous slumber at noon.

As I felt unescorted like a lone light travelling,

My company seeking eyes continued exploring.

I could see the furious clouds but the moon wasn't seen,

My sentiments shivered and smashed into smithereens.

The vault of heaven clutched big bolts of lightning,

Amid thunder and hailstorms that were frightening!

The rain-clouds rushed and my eyes caught a sight,

It was a silvery white curve crying in its plight.

With clouds gliding over, making it hard to see,

It hung there fragile, as feverish as me.

I kept gazing; disheartened and quiescent,

At my Canaan companion- 'The waxing crescent.'

Saturday, 4 April 2015


As the craving for you within me grows stronger,

The panorama of pain bursts forth getting bigger.
My compassion for you is so wide and deep,
Like a refresh running river that never doze to sleep.
Let me shield you from the turmoil that splits you apart,
Even when hailstones keep hitting hard to my heart!
Let me lull you to sleep and sing a song to you,
Like a bewitching breeze humming to bid an adieu.
Let me kiss away your tears and those hurtful heavy hues,
Like a glue I'll stick to you throughout all your blues.
Let me dig up your hidden joys beneath the boughs of grief,
For I can't see you wither away like an age-old autumn leaf.
Do you remember the day when we faithfully wed?
"When you come, come seeking both of us"- you prayed to death.
Now I don't want to stay alone in a mansion of memories,
All I can do is dreaming for you amid the lost promises.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Good Bye

The tears eavesdrop when my heart cries,

Your promises were none but perfect lies.

Often I wonder where my ebullience lays!

“Within your soul”- the effete fate says.

The next moment I try to rise up and glow,

Waves of time elapse & I feel elephantine low.

Then I lift up my hands & stand up to pray,

Let the life’s eerie dark clouds hive away.

And I hope the eclectic gathering of emotions and love,

Soar away with the puffs in the firmament above.

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Lavishing Lily

The Lavishing Lily

Once upon a time under the canopy of Amazon,

A beautiful girl in the Brazilian tribe was born.

She was told by her father of an ancient myth,

That in the moon, a noble warrior lived.

She believed the tale and begun to swoon,

Casually fell in love with the Warrior-in-the-moon.

No boy of her tribe seemed worthy of her love,

As she waited for the man who resided in heaven above.

Year following year, her desires grew stronger,

Her family’s dreams to marry her met failure.

The no moon nights begun to be her worst nightmare,

She would patiently wait weeping in deep despair.

She would sky gaze; searching the man of her destiny,

Whenever the mystical moon dawned with rich solemnity.

Often she ran through the darkest Amazon woods,

Trying to catch the pearly rays wherever she could.

Once it did happen on a clear cloudless night,

The moon shone to its fullest like a bewitching bride.

Amid blooming joy she forged ahead meticulously,

And fate carried her lastly to a vast vivacious valley.

Shockingly she found the moon has descended to earth,

Into the plain perspicuous lake, may be to take a bath.

She jumped into the valley to embrace it forever,

Utterly determined to meet her majestic moon warrior.

But the wheels of her fortune let her drown to die,

To the outside world she bid a silent goodbye.

Filled with immense guilt the warrior took pity on her,

Her corpse was transformed into a giant gorgeous flower.

Thereafter it was named the Royal Water Lily,

Also known as the lavish Lily of the valley.

It blossoms, petal by petal, opening wide,

Only on pristine clear full moon nights.

 P.S- I read this tale somewhere over the internet. I just tried to express the ancient myth in form of poetry.

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Soul's Rhapsody

No matter when I cling to silence, please don't leave,

Stay because I have just so much to speak.

In my heart & soul you'll forever stay,

It infinitesimally matters If we're miles away.

Whenever I run down through the memory lane,

Clutched by affliction, I strive to treasure solace again.

Prior to this riotous world, I live a life of Riley,

As I impeccably shroud my sorrows, supervening a smiley.

So you falsify this camouflage as my contentment,

And I cry silent tears of love, malaise and resentment.

I wish someday if you could sway the curtains of my infelicity,

Being patient enough to hear my soul's rhapsody.